What is a Historical Equestrian Consultant? In my case it means that I have studied the details of a particular era to the point that I can advise quickly and clearly on all sorts of questions relating to the era. My area of expertise is equitation and horses in the 18th century and early 19th century- the people and  horses of the Napoleonic period. The breadth of my interest runs from what they wore under their magnificent clothes (not much) to what harness and saddles were used, how they were taught to ride, what horses they rode, and how the horses were trained.

I’ve worked on numerous TV programmes,  spouting to camera while mounted or on foot explaining what the horse and rider are doing. I teach equitation, as coach equestrian martial arts.

I write  for both the equestrian and lay person, and have appeared in Tracking UP magazine, explaining the link between historical military equitation and dressage, as well as in books concerning the horse and its role in society and the military, as well as on other equine related matters. If you have an interest in the Napoleonic Wars, you have probably come across some of my research.

It probably helped that my hobbies included horses, historical martial arts (swords), and historical costume tailoring- essential skills in developing my passion for keeping alive the skills of the horse soldier from hoof to tack, boots to under-ware.


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